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Best melad coverage service in pakistan

By February 25, 2020 No Comments

Taiba studio cover your Melad coverage from end to end we can completely take photographs and video to cover your complete Melad and LIVE Streaming of Melad coverage.

Taiba studio professionals avoid any technical issue and compatibility problem between the photographer’s camera and our LIVE streaming equipment.

Melad Coverage:

Taiba Studio is a live Melad coverage webcasting and streaming service. Taiba studio record your Melad  and streams it LIVE on an exclusive webbing website. You can choose Taiba studio for complete Melad photography, videography and live streaming.

One way to define melad coverage is that it consists of all the shots necessary to cover the Melad. It is not limited to only those shots and angles needed to create the Artist’s vision.

Quality melad coverage:

Coverage also allows the editor to control the performance, adjusting the timing. So the audience’s needs rather than those of the artist are met. We have a good track record of our quality of streaming. Start sharing your special event with us.

Melad coverage master scene method:

In the master scene method, the Event and the master shot are the “road map” which the editor uses to craft the major scenes. The master shot covering first scene coverage must matched which occurs in the master. Coverage consists of all the other shots-close-ups, medium-shots, point-of-view shots, reverse shots, and others required by the Event need scenario.

Video coverage service:

You have to book your Melad and recite events by Taiba Studio now.
DSLR photography
All types of Video Coverage
Professional Team
Suitable Packages
Drone Coverage
Video Coverage


Audio coverage service:

In live Audio, coverage is defined as the area that experiences a consistent audio response within a drop-off from the sweet spot. From the perspective of sound design and acoustic performance, Taiba studio refers to a consistent listening experience from every position in the specified audience area. Taiba studio and its sound designers take into account several variables to create uniform coverage, depending on the environment and Event.

  • Mixing Service:

              Taiba studio Provides sound mixing service facilities for their customers to make     effective sound quality.

  • Mastering Service:

    Taiba studio Make sound quality refine by providing sound mastering service.


  • Voiceover Service:

    Taiba Studio also provides voice-over service facilities.



In Conclusion if you want to learn Naat Recording For More Visit Taiba Studio
Office Location: 36-A Sadiqabad Road basement Askari bank, opposite Ahmed Medical Complex, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, 46000

Contact: 0330 85 333 85

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